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Wewahitchka Historical Society- First year anniversary- June 2022

Wewahitchka Historical Society at our 1st Anniversary. We started our group in June 2021. There we several members unable to attend tonight for the picture.

New Afghans for 2022

These are the 2022 afghans for this year. We wanted to offer them to the Historical Society group first before advertising them to the public. They are $48.00 this year. They will be in the Cranberry and Pewter colors.
Also, a limited amount of the 2021 afghans are available (Cranberry) $48.00.
If you would like to order one, call Dianne Semmes at 850-227-6425. She will be taking the orders and payments this time.

***We will be advertising to the public at the first of next week, so get your order in with her now if you want one***

Presbyterian Church

Wewahitchka Historical Society helping clean the old bricks that were supporting the old church. The bricks will be reused under the newly leveled church for supports and possibly on the front steps. Trying to keep as much of the original materials as possible.

Iola Field Trip- Nov 20. 2021

Wewahitchka Historical Society
Old Iola Railroad Bed ( long path)
Old Iola Cemetery (overgrown wooded)

Wewahitchka Historical Society- Iola Cemetery Field Trip-June 5, 2022

The Wewahitchka Historical Society put a cemetery marker at the old Iola Cemetery. The cemetery is overgrown and has severe damage to the graves and headstones from equipment that was used clearing timber and tree damage from Hurricane Michael. The Historical Society plans to get permission from the property owner to clean and maintain the cemetery. Tom Godwin and Stuart Resmondo made and worked on the cemetery sign for the project.

Historical Society Archeological Dig at Whispering Pines in Wewa-Feb 6 2022

Archeological Dig to uncover any parts left of a Japanese warplane, a P-39 Cobra that crashed in the Whispering Pines Subdivision area during WWII. The Japanese pilot was killed. The plane and pilot were recovered and taken to a US Airforce base. Mr Tom Godwin and Stuart Resmondo worked very hard to locate some areas for us to dig. We had a great day and found several small pieces from the plane. We plan to go back again soon.

Field trip to Domino Demunck’s property at Stonemill Creek to see the old grist/sawmill

Wewahitchka Historical Society went to visit the old grist/sawmill at Stonemill Creek on Domino Demunck’s property. The water in the Creek was low and we were able to see some of the remnants of the old mill. Domino also had some old artifacts from the mill he retrieved that we were able to see.